"OXCHIC, The Favorite Brand of the Latno Stars"

"OXCHIC, The Favorite Brand of the Latino Stars"

 "The Most Famous Mexican Designer of the Moment"

Jackie Kim a successful Mexican businesswoman, talented, young and enterprising, daring and tenacious with a very clear vision, create "OXCHIC" the perfect line that would cause a furor in the feminine taste, managing to capture the gaze of celebrities recognized worldwide as Paris Hilton and many more, for the elegance of her original designs, she broke schemes with his jewelry line, giving flight to her imagination and glamor with chains and precious stones, she placed it in 2015 as one of the most promising women of the moment, to at the request of its customers, it decides to create an elegant and modern line for all ages.

The name of Jackie Kim "The Mexican Designer of the Stars" immediately rises to fame inside and outside the American Union, as of 2017, her collection of dresses and accessories "OXCHIC", becomes the favorite of the most admired personalities of cinema, theater and television, their exclusive garments are recognized thanks to the international screening of Awards and Red Carpet Awards, Galas and Festivals, turning her business into a true beauty emporium.

Jackie Kim in a short time marks the history of fashion with "OXCHIC", competing with great couture exponents and has proposed in the same year to make us know a very special line with his new creations for gentlemen and children, achieving their dreams and forming a team of collaborators that allow him to continue growing, his clientele as part of the great spheres of society, dressing important entertainment figures such as Marjorie de Sousa, Alicia Machado, Geraldine Bazan, Africa Zavala, Ximena Duque among others.

Despite the innumerable successes of Jackie Kim "The Mexican Star Designer", she maintains her humility, her simplicity makes her worthy of praise, her personality and charisma, have helped her to be selected as a winner, her bravery distinguishes her Of the others, what was yesterday a project, "OXCHIC" today is a registered and the most sought-after brand in Latin America, a wardrobe that allows us to distinguish ourselves in each of their garments and taking their company to another level thanks to the parades and the quality of their models.

Jackie Kim, an exemplary fashionista, her professionalism, and discipline allow her to cross borders, invincible to maintain her popularity in all markets and that she will soon announce the “OXCHIC” catwalks in the main cities of the country and where she anticipates that they will be all a surprise that will delight the most demanding public.